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Legionella and water hygiene services framework - LGSS

Legionella and water hygiene services framework

Framework scope

The successful providers will provide water hygiene risk assessments and planned control measures, and may be given the option to price some additional control measures. Planned control measures will include chlorinations and tank cleans, quarterly de-scales and bacterial monitoring as well as monthly temperature monitoring (where not undertaken directly by staff on the site).

The work for the framework agreement will be to a number of different property types including but not limited to; public administration offices, administration offices, libraries, day care centres, community centres, youth centres, residential and sheltered homes, children’s centres, farms, schools, transport depots and park and ride sites.

It is essential that any provider undertaking these works can demonstrate a separation between the risk assessment process and any control measures to ensure probity.

Accessing this framework

All existing and/or future partners of LGSS will have automatic access to all of our frameworks. LGSS current partners and other organisations delegating services include but are not limited to:

  • Cambridgeshire County Council
  • Milton Keynes Council
  • Northamptonshire County Council
  • Norwich City Council
  • Northampton Borough Council
  • Aay city, district and/or borough local authorities within the county of Cambridgeshire or Northamptonshire

If you are not currently a partner of LGSS you can still use this framework.

Benefits of this framework

  • all of our providers are pre-vetted meeting our minimum financial standards
  • our experienced procurement team have followed all the relevant UK and EU Procurement legislation making the process simple for you
  • all of the providers on this framework have already agreed to the LGSS terms and conditions
  • all of the approved providers are registered under the Legionella Control Association
  • each provider on the framework has been robustly assessed ensuring they have the relevant technical accreditations

Key Facts

Start date: 1 January 2018

End date: 31 December 2020

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