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Insurance for schools and academies - LGSS

Insurance for schools and academies

We specialise in cost-efficient insurance packages for local authority schools and academies.

For schools, we make sure that all risks are identified and managed through insurance frameworks or alternative risk management techniques. We also manage of all claims made by and against your school on your behalf.

For academies, we are working with Midlands Academy Insurance Group, and have access to an insurance framework agreement with Zurich Municipal and ACE European Group Ltd, two leading insurers in the industry.

Included in our bespoke academies package is the ‘missing’ cover for academies that have opted to take the Risk Protection Arrangement. This insurance offers protection for motor, overseas travel, engineering inspection and insurance.

We provide schools with:

  • claims administration (motor and specialist lines)
  • claims management (casualty and material damage)
  • insurance policy management
  • insurance policy procurement
  • risk financing support
  • underwriting advice and guidance

We provide academies with:

  • claims support as required
  • insurance policy management
  • insurance policy procurement
  • underwriting advice and guidance

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