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Business Systems - LGSS

Business Systems

Our team of system support specialists manages and maintains a number of business-critical systems and applications on behalf of our partners.

Built on Unit 4’s Business World On platform, our flagship enterprise resource planning system, ERP Gold, offers a bespoke alternative to systems such as Oracle and SAP for public sector customers.

Designed with the principles of simplicity, standardisation, automation and self-service in mind, ERP Gold underpins all HR, payroll and finance business processes.

Organisations adopting ERP Gold have their own ‘client’ copy of the system, guaranteeing data security and integrity, while benefitting from the cost-effectiveness of using a single design.

ERP Gold supports the combined workforce of LGSS partners, as well as enabling the payment of over 25,000 employees through our Payroll Bureau, which provides payroll services to many more customers. In addition, the system handles transactions tens of thousands of suppliers to LGSS partners, and customers who make payments to organisations adopting the system.

A unique licensing agreement, coupled with reduced support costs from developing the system in-house, is set to deliver LGSS partners a combined saving of approximately £10m, in the first seven years of operation.

Significant additional savings will be achieved through standardising processes and self-service, allowing organisations to drive further efficiencies and protect investment in frontline services.


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Head of Business Systems and Change


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