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LGSS Business Transition Programme Director – Claire Townrow - LGSS

LGSS Business Transition Programme Director – Claire Townrow

Claire manages a team of programme, project managers, business analysts and project management officers in order to deliver the significant business transformation of one of the UK’s largest public sector shared services. LGSS commenced in 2010 and at the height of its success was a c.£86m business. Now it is a c.£63m partnership between Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire County Councils and Milton Keynes Council, to deliver corporate business support services;

• Audit and Risk
• Accounts Payables
• Business Systems and Change
• Debt and Income
• Finance Helpdesk
• Insurance
• Payroll and HR Transactions
• Performance and Governance

Claire has been part of LGSS since its inception, and has been pivotal in the delivery of the significant transformation across the organisation, reporting into the LGSS Managing Director and a key member of the multi-stakeholder Management Board. As the Strategic Advisor to the Managing Director and management team for all business matters relating to service assurance, business strategy, customer relationship management and business transformation she has a critical role working with officers, members and customers.
In response to the Local Government Review in Northamptonshire the LGSS model required reshaping. Claire is leading the organisation re-design programme, delivering on the business transition from the current model with the repatriation of certain services to their ‘home’ council and the creation of a Lead Authority model for services which have the most benefit continuing to be shared.

The programme had 7 workstreams:
Project work stream 1: Governance Redesign
Project work stream 2: HR and Collective Consultation
Project work stream 3: Finance Re-Modelling
Project work stream 4: Language Services Future Operating Model
Project work stream 5: IT Operating model Redesign
Project work stream 6: Communication and Engagement Framework
Project work stream 7: Schools and Academies Future Operating Model

The Programme governance is intricate and detailed, with it ultimately being accountable to the LGSS Joint Committee which reports into each Partner Council’s democratic structures. The programme was successfully delivered with the repatriation of certain services back to their ‘home’ councils by 1 October 2020 and the creation of a Lead Authority model for the continuation of the shared service partnership by 1 December 2020.