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Our aim is to become the supplier of choice for public sector shared services. We are already one of the UK’s largest shared service providers and support a spectrum of customers in local authority, health and social care, education, emergency services and housing sectors.

We work with like-minded organisations to deliver services through partnership and delegation agreements, where an organisation delegates the running of its services to us.

Using this method, there is no requirement for organisations to undertake costly procurement processes if they are sharing services with another public sector body.

We are an established public sector provider with a track record in delivering high quality services combined with challenging savings requirements.

Become a customer

Do you appreciate adaptive and collaborative working? Want to achieve significant savings while benefitting from a pool of new talent and resources?

By becoming customer you will benefit from a comprehensive package of services. If you opt to transfer your staff, we have an excellent learning and development team who will take care to advance knowledge and experience with a variety of on-site and online training.

You’ll also benefit from shared expertise, savings and the opportunity to help steer our organisation.

You can find out more about our approach and how our service delivery works on our Customer Satisfaction and Performance Framework page.



If you are interested in working with us or requesting us as a provider, please contact us using the button below.

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Claire Townrow

Head of Customer Engagement and Business Development


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