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Privacy notice - LGSS

Privacy notice

This privacy notice explains how LGSS processes and protects any personal information collected to provide you with services.

Key definitions

  • “I”, “our”, “us”, or “we” refer to LGSS
  • “partner” refers to one or more of the three local authorities (Cambridgeshire County Council, Milton Keynes Council, Northamptonshire County Council) that are a controlling partner of the LGSS shared service
  • “customer”, “customer organisation” refers to an organisation that LGSS provides services on behalf of
  • “you”, “the user” refer to the person(s) using this website
  • GDPR means General Data Protection Act
  • PECR means Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulation
  • ICO means Information Commissioner’s Office
  • cookies mean small files stored on a user’s computer or device

General information

LGSS is the name given to the shared service between Cambridgeshire County Council, Milton Keynes Council and Northamptonshire County Council. We may need to collect and process your personal data to satisfy your request for services from these partners or other customer organisations, where we provide service to that organisation through a partnering and delegation agreement or contract.

Where we do this, any personal information that you provide is processed in accordance with that organisation’s Privacy Policy in accordance with GDPR. If you have queries about how your personal data is collected, used, protected or shared with any other organisations, we recommend you read our partners’ privacy policies:

Where we collect and process your personal data for a specific function, for example in relation to a service provided on behalf of multiple organisations or where specific condition apply, we will provide a specific privacy notice which informs you why we are collecting that data and how it will be processed and protected.

Your individual rights

You have specific rights under GDPR, including the right to complain to the ICO if you feel there is a problem with the way your data has been handled. You can make a subject access request to our partners to exercise your right of access under GDPR.

Website privacy notice

We only collect personal data such as your name, email address and telephone number via this website if you choose to contact us using our online form.

If you do, we will only use the data you give us to provide the information or service you have requested. To satisfy your request, we may need to share your data with other council teams or a third party provider contracted to deliver services for or on behalf of our partners or customers.

We use Formidable Forms to power this website’s contact forms. A copy of your submitted form is stored securely in our content management system for the purposes of confirming the details of your request and receipt by the appropriate service if you need to contact us again about your enquiry. These records are periodically permanently deleted from our content management system in line with Principle E – storage limitation of GDPR.

We use cookies and log files to facilitate the smooth running of this site. By continuing to use this site you agree to cookies being used and stored on your device unless you choose to restrict or block them by enabling or disabling them at any time using your browser.

Cookies improve your experience of using this site. You can set your device to reject cookies if you wish, which will not affect your ability to access the information on this site in anyway but may prevent you using certain functionality.

We track how visitor move around and interact with our site using Google Analytics and Hotjar so we can improve the layout, structure and information available. Session cookies store your preferences while your move around the site but are deleted when you close your browser.

Log files allow us to record visitors’ use of this site by recording how they move around and interact with different elements of the site. Log files do not contain any personal information.

Other privacy notices

Sponsored links and advertisements

This website does not contain any adverts or endorsements for third-party products and providers. Any links or references provided are directly related to the services that we provide, for example we may link to a third-party system or application to allow you secure access to documents associated with a service we provide.

Any links or references should not be taken as endorsement unless explicitly stated. We may signpost you to other organisation’s websites to provide greater clarity on their services or explain how we work with them. We do our best to links in our content but cannot accept responsibility for content beyond this site.

Email communications

Some of our services use an email marketing system to coordinate and deliver email updates relevant to you as a customer, commissioner or user of our services. This normally applies where we are providing one or more services to a small customer organisation, such as a school.

If you receive a message like this, it is because your email address has been provided as a point of contact for one or more of our services in relation to a contract between your organisation and our service. If you believe you have received the message you should immediately contact the service that sent it using the contact details provided in the message so that our records can be checked and updated if necessary. If your organisation exits a contract with us, your details will be permanently removed from our email marketing system.

Messages contain information that is deemed critical to your use of the service, such as changes to policies, or information that helps you make the most of the service, which can include reminders about deadline you need to comply with or guidance on business processes. Promotional information may be included occasionally to inform you of the range of services we provide and to inform you of new service offers.

Messages may contain tracking beacons and clickable links that can provide us with information on how a recipient interacts with a particular message, which we will use to improve our content. Data collected can include: times, dates, opens and clicks, along with confirmation of the email addresses that the message was sent to.

Any email messages we send are in accordance with the GDPR and the PECR. We use GovDelivery by Granicus in partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council to power our email campaigns.