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Wellbeing - LGSS


Achieve your New Year goals

15th January 18

New Year’s resolutions are something that we all tend to make, but how often do we actually achieve them? Healthy choices, personal development and new…

Wellbeing Focus Wheel

27th July 17

To encourage best practice, we are sharing our wellbeing focus wheel. We have identified four key areas that can significantly reduce absence and improve staff wellbeing. If you want to adopt your…

Wellbeing packages for your business

27th July 17

A one-off wellbeing event may motivate staff for a few days or weeks. But all that positive energy - training to climb Everest or run…

Wellbeing business model

27th July 17

Healthy, Happy, Here Embed our Healthy, Happy, Here business model to achieve lasting wellbeing in your workplace. Below, we have provided suggestions about how to support staff physically, mentally and…