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LGSS Apprenticeship & Qualification Academy support Learning at Work Week - LGSS

LGSS Apprenticeship & Qualification Academy support Learning at Work Week

As part of Learning at Work Week, LGSS’ Apprenticeship & Qualification Academy has shared how apprenticeships are positively impacting learners and coaches alike, following the success of National Apprenticeship Week.

With Ofsted evaluating the quality of apprenticeships, LGSS believe diverse, strong networks of learner cohorts to be an integral part of apprenticeship programmes. Bringing learners together in this way offers more opportunity for them to network and discuss problems that they may be facing.

Talking about the benefits of this approach, apprenticeship facilitator Peter Collins, said: “The cohort approach also provides a richer source of peer coaching and group support, which is necessary for the Leadership and Management apprenticeship programmes.”

His thoughts we echoed by Meena Mistry, who leads a cohort of junior management consultant apprentices, who added: “For these apprentices, joining other cohorts has helped to further enrich their learning. The discussions that take place have more breadth and depth in a larger group and can bring learning to life.”

In discussing how the cohorts use workshops, forums, and social media to help with their development, the feedback from apprentices was overwhelmingly positive. Action learning sets have also been introduced, which allow learners to meet over a period of time to identify their learning needs, as well as reflecting and learning from issues that they face at work.

Rahul Patel, a finance officer from Milton Keynes Council is studying the Level 4 School Business Professional apprenticeship told us: “Workshops provide me with a chance to network with other professionals. We are able to talk about challenges that we face on a routine basis and offer each other diverse viewpoints on the matter. I use the online forums as another way to meet fellow learners and converse about the course.”

Many learners feel that this improves their skillsets and makes them more adaptable in their roles. They also report recognising developing their social skills as they meet new people, strengthening professional relationships.

Jonathan Eastwood, acting systems manager at Milton Keynes Council studies Level 6 Chartered Manager Apprenticeship. He commented: “The workshop always relates back to our roles so we get the opportunity to put theories into practice, I have felt much more engaged at work as a result of the extra opportunities studying has brought.”

Sarah Borondy leads a cohort of apprentices studying the Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship, reflecting on the many benefits and variety of ways to learn at work, she added: “Networking and sharing of new experiences within the apprenticeship cohorts mean learning is accelerated and allows the delivery to be of a much higher and challenging level to a main-stream qualification.”

Anyone interested in understanding more about the benefits of apprenticeships for learners and employers can visit to find out more.