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Five tips to make your working day healthier - LGSS

Five tips to make your working day healthier

Neill Boddington, Health & Wellbeing Advisor at LGSS shares five top tips to make your working day healthier.

  1. Be active at every opportunity. Use the stairs, stand up while using the phone and walk over to a colleague rather than email. Regularly moving throughout the day really does make a big difference to your health. Taking a 10 minute lunchtime walk is also a great way to keep yourself moving.
  2. Look after your body. Sitting hunched over a computer or laptop endlessly tightens muscles and can soon leave your body suffering aches and pains…or worse. LGSS can undertake display screen equipment audits at your workplace to help your workforce understand why correct use of display screen equipment is an office essential.
  3. Break the day up. The best part of school was always break time…fun, food and a chance to catch up with mates. Who can honestly say they take one regularly now? A break allows you time to eat properly, get up and move, relax your brain, and engage with your colleagues over more than just work. Just try it and I bet you feel more energised and productive for it!
  4. Switch off. By switching off, we don’t just mean yourself, but importantly your electronic devises. Help yourself to recharge in the evenings and weekends by keeping phones and laptops switched off and hidden away.
  5. Lean on us. We have a range of support available to help your with your wellbeing. From a back problem to personal worries, there are options and people who can help. Visit to see how we can help your organisation.