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Revenues and benefits: the value of scale in corporate recovery - LGSS

Revenues and benefits: the value of scale in corporate recovery

LGSS currently support a range of public sector partners with income collection and recovery of corporate debts. Robin Bates, LGSS’ head of revenues and benefits, explains how this can present challenges and opportunities.

Partnering or sharing services requires clear agreement on how to transition services. Some partners have to step backwards before moving forwards, so both parties can align their perspectives on local policies to meet the needs of all.

A clear set of design principles can smooth the transition period of a new partnership, while ensuring change management teams have a clear set of objectives and reference points to communicate progress.

Agreeing a single way of working – where possible – always brings greater value. However, recognising where differences are present can foster better relationships as partnerships develop.

When exploring partnership opportunities, LGSS can offer a large amount of value because of its size and scale. In particular, LGSS can offer shared technology and the experience of working with suppliers, such as enforcement agencies.

The opportunity to increase value through cross organisational procurement can also provide significant cost savings. When these are combined with operational savings from minimising processes and procedures to a single service, you can very quickly start to make a credible case for partnership.

LGSS are currently exploring opportunities to develop future relationships with enforcement agents, as well as developing a new approach to technology. In addition, LGSS will be going live with a ‘gold build’ ERP system that will manage all accounts payable and accounts receivable financial reporting functions within a single system.

ERP Gold will support LGSS shareholding organisations in Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes and will also be available to other public sector organisations. The value relating to this alignment alone is worth nearly £10m. When combined with future strategic procurement and technology development, the benefits certainly provide a compelling case for public sector shared services.

The LGSS revs and bens team provide an award winning service for Milton Keynes Council and Northampton County Council. In April 2018, Horsham District Council will join the partnership, supporting LGSS to deliver enhanced value for money to its partners through further growth.

Working with new public sector shareholders can help to minimise the need to buy services from the private sector, while working to increase the value of bought in services.

LGSS is governed by a joint committee of Cambridgeshire, Milton Keynes, and Northamptonshire councils. LGSS Revenues and Benefits operate a separate joint committee, which includes the addition of Northampton Borough Council. Alongside our sister company, LGSS Law, our partners aim to be renowned for delivering the best and most cost-effective front line services and community outcomes attainable.