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Norwich City Council renew five-year contract with LGSS - LGSS

Norwich City Council renew five-year contract with LGSS

During periods of austerity, Norwich City Council wanted to increase their risk appetite to negate the impact of reduced funding. LGSS was the chosen provider.

The Challenge

With the development of Norwich’s five-year Medium Term Financial Plan it became clear that the financial challenges of the government’s austerity programme would increase, while service demand would continue to rise owing to a growing population.

Based on the service delivered by LGSS since 2012, Norwich City Council invited LGSS to develop and propose a new contract which would deliver further savings whilst maintaining a high standard of business support services.

The Solution

LGSS proposed a number of options that would result in a 25% to 40% reduction in funding over the period of the Medium Term Financial Plan. Options included efficiencies and transformational changes such as:

  • implementing optimal organisational and management structures
  • maximising trading and sharing opportunities
  • developing and implementing more self-service/automation and transformation initiatives
  • joint procurement opportunities
  • better economies of scale

 A new contract with LGSS would include the introduction of an IT manager, who would focus on service improvements, opportunities for growth and local partners.

The IT manager would also champion Norwich’s digital plan and continue to improve online forms, drawing on the transformation work set out in the initial LGSS contract.


In April 2017, Norwich City Council signed a new five-year deal with LGSS.

LGSS will manage an operational budget of £3.8m for the first year and deliver savings of £376,000. Managed services include IT, finance, audit, risk and insurance and has already delivered savings of £376k.

In the 2017 annual customer satisfaction survey, feedback from Norwich City Council was extremely positive with 93% of participants rating LGSS services as satisfactory or above. This is a 11% increase from Norwich’s satisfaction feedback in 2016.

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