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LGSS transform blue badge application and save £60k for Cambridgeshire County Council in first year of operation - LGSS

LGSS transform blue badge application and save £60k for Cambridgeshire County Council in first year of operation

The Blue Badge Improvement Service (BBIS) is a government initiative, which allows people with low mobility to park closer to their destination. This case study shows how LGSS Digital improved Cambridgeshire County Council’s online application so that digital uptake tripled, dramatically reducing the number of supported telephone applications at the Cambridgeshire contact centre .

The Challenge

Every year, 10,000 people apply for a blue badge with Cambridgeshire County Council. Prior to October 2016, only 20% of applicants were able to apply using Cambridgeshire’s online form.

Over 6,000 applicants (60%) called Cambridgeshire’s contact centre for assistance. This resulted in approximately 600 calls per month to the contact centre, causing lost time and resources for the council.

Cambridgeshire County Council asked LGSS Digital to collaborate with them on a project, which would transform their blue badge application within three months.


The application with assessment before transformation


The Solution

LGSS Digital identified three key issues with Cambridgeshire’s online application:

  • lengthy and disjointed process (which led to customers calling for assistance)
  • the process was reliant on fax and post services
  • customers were limited to 10 minutes to complete their online application

LGSS Digital ensured that the online form linked up with various back office systems. This meant that data is now transferred automatically, freeing up 30 minutes of data entry per application. Customer service agents now spend just two minutes of administration time per customer, checking that all information is correct before hitting the ‚Äėsubmit‚Äô button.

Since the launch of the new service, digital customers can simply upload a photograph rather than sending one via post. For almost all customers, identity and proof of address are verified by an instant online tool, saving customers the trouble of locating and uploading their identity documents.

The 10-minute time limit has increased to 30 minutes, giving customers enough time to complete the form without losing their information.

Finally, customers can book their assessment as part of the online application, eliminating days of waiting for a letter to remind them to book an appointment over the phone.

The new application with assessment



Since the new application form has been in place, the time from application to receipt of blue badge has gone from an average of 30 to 10 days.

Customers using the online form have almost tripled, from 20% to 58%, while customers needing telephone assistance have almost halved, from 60% to 36%. Customers continue to be extremely satisfied with the service, with 82% saying they would be likely to recommend the service to a friend.

Cambridgeshire County Council saved £60,000 in its first year, making back costs for the new service within six months.

LGSS Digital and Cambridgeshire County Council were shortlisted by Digital Leaders for the prestigious Digital Public Service Innovation of the Year award; six months after the service went live.

Next Steps

Cambridgeshire County Council and LGSS Digital have since delivered a new concessionary bus pass application for Cambridgeshire, which has already served over 100,000 people. LGSS is now working with Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire councils to improve efficiencies and channel savings into areas of need.

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